What is fembot?

• fembot

Fembot - embodied in reality visual image of artificially created female.
What is fembot?
"Fembot" (abbr.) from "femella robot" or "female robot".

  • The meaning and etymology of the expression "female robot":
    Fem (abbr.) from "femella" (lat.) - a girl, young woman. The word "female" comes from the Latin word "femella". In English, the word "female" used since the 14th century.
    Bot (abbr.) from the "robot" (chech.) - creation of man, created to perform the work. The word "robot" comes from the Czech word "robota", which means the execution of work. For the first time it was used in Karel Capek's play "RUR" (Rossum's Universal Robots) set in 1921.
  • The word "fembot" became popular after several American science fiction movies: "Kill Oscar", 1976 and "Fembots in Las Vegas", 1977 (2 parts). Quote from the announcement of the film: "The fembot - powerful and deadly life-like androids whose strength and speed are superior to bionics".

Real fembots

• real female robots

Real female robots - artificially created humanoid robots looks like real females.
Real female robots.
These fembots is not actually a real women, they is a humanoid robots.

  • In addition to the robots with mechanical looks, android-type communication robots with highly human-like looks have been developed. A merit of android robots is that they give people a feeling of human-like presence as if people were interacting with a real human.
  • Beginning of the 21th century was marked by the creation of the world's first realistic female robots. In Japan and Korea, began production of anthropomorphic robots. It is impossible to say exactly which of them has officially made the first "realistic female robot", because the scientific and laboratory studies were conducted simultaneously in both countries.
  • Researchers are working on improving the technology and hopes these robots will infiltrate our daily lives in roles such as building security, house cleaning, and greeting customers at shopping centers. Humanoid robot is expected to have behaviors like human as it is supposed from its appearance.